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Episodes from Liberty City April 14, 2010

I was very happy that Episodes from Liberty City was released yesterday. There are two games on the disc; The Lost and Damned & The Ballad of Gay Tony. They were released for the XBOX last year as separate games. Yesterday they were bundled together for release on the Playstation 3 (PS3).


When I got home from Best Buy, I put the disc in the PS3 and waited while the game installed. Finally after about 20 minutes, it gave me the option to play either TLaD or TBoGT. I chose TBoGT. I watched the opening sequence, which started with the big bank heist that Niko and Packie pulled off in GTA IV. The main character in TBoGT, Luis, was in the wrong place at the wrong time, a customer at the bank. It then shows Luis answering questions about the robbery, then afterwards he starts walking down the street. One cut scene shows Niko driving a car while Luis crosses the street. Which I have to wonder why they were still so close to the bank.

I’ve only played 3 missions so far and I’m watching all the cut scenes. I always do when play a game for the first time. So far, throughout the cut scenes, various characters from GTA IV are shown, which I think is cool.


Today I played The Lost and Damned. Again, I saw Niko walking down the sidewalk in a cut scene. I like the motorcycle gang theme. Kinda reminds me of the show ‘Sons of Anarchy’. And I’m a motorcyclist myself.

I’ve only played one mission so far and raced one race. Failed miserably on that. I’ll give it another go tomorrow.


Grand Theft Auto January 23, 2010

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I would have to say the Grand Theft Auto series is my absolute favorite game of all time. Crazy, right? Unusual for a woman, right? Not really. I know the game has had it’s share of controversy over the years because of how some of the women in the game are dipicted, and yeah, I don’t like some of it, but the game play overall is awesome.

When GTA IV came out I had a standard TV. I didn’t think the graphics were all that great based on the comments people left in the PS3 forums on how awesome the graphics were. So I decided to buy a HDTV. WOW!! What a huge difference. I was able to see things so much better. And I knew it would make a difference. I just hated the thought of spending money on a TV when I had one that worked perfectly well.

I’ve played every GTA game made for the Playstation. And right now I’m trying to think of which one is my absolute favorite. I’ll need some time.