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Undead Nightmare October 27, 2010

The new Undead Nightmare DLC was released yesterday. I downloaded it last night. It was nearly 2GB of data, so it took awhile. Since it was late, like 11pm, I debated whether or not it would be too scary for me to play it. I don’t like scary games, movies or anything else that has to do with zombies, ghosts, monsters, etc. I got the DLC because I love RDR and if the DLC is too scary for me, I won’t play it and it will be $10 down the drain.

I looked at my friends list on the PS3 and saw that T was playing, so I messaged him and asked if the game is scary. He messaged back and said there are a lot of zombies, so I may want to wait until daylight to play it. Great. So here I have a new DLC and have to wait until tomorrow to play. After a few minutes of debate, I decided to woman up and play the darn thing.

I inserted the RDR disc in the PS3 and selected Undead Nightmare.

Zombie Cougar

The game loaded, the music started, then the Vincent Price like voice started talking. Uh oh. Should I have waited? Naw. I watched the entire intro. While John was driving the wagon to his ranch, a zombie cougar was shown running behind the wagon. Okay, so that didn’t look too scary.

The next zombie scene came while John, Abigail and Jack was in the living room. Thunder, lightning and then a nasty looking hand goes up to the window. Still not too scary.

I continued playing for awhile. The first up close and personal zombie that shows up is Uncle. He comes busting through John & Abigail’s bedroom door looking very bad and making weird noises. John hits him over the head with a lamp and down goes Uncle. Really? That seemed awfully easy to defeat a zombie.

Uncle getting ready to bite Abigail

John runs out to the barn to get his rifle. Why is he keeping his weapon in the barn? A lot of good that does when an intruder is in your house. Next scene shows Abigail running out of the house with Uncle right on her heels. She falls down outside and Uncle bites her. Uh oh. John yells at him and then I finally was able to take control of John. A pop up intructs you to kill Uncle. So one shot with the rifle and Uncle’s head is blown clean off his body. What?! Uncle is still alive near the end of the main story. How could he die now? Undead Nightmare takes place a few months after John and his family are reunited and before he fights the Army with Uncle, right?

Uncle has no head

Anyway, Jack comes running out of the house to a scene he can’t believe he’s seeing. He runs over to his mother and what does she do? She bites him! John runs to the barn again and gets a lasso. You get control of John again and a pop up instructs you to lasso and hogtie Abigail and Jack. A cut scene shows him putting them in the bedroom and bringing them food. Abigail gets a nice big juicy T-bone steak while it looks like Jacks gets grilled cheese sandwiches. I don’t know what’s on the plate, but that’s what it looks like to me.

Once that is done, John rides off to Blackwater to find a doctor. He find Professor MacDougal instead. Things don’t end well for him, poor guy. After that you are instructed to find survivors. You do find a few and then you have to save the town by helping the survivors kill all the undead. Ammo is a hot commodity and hard to come by. Searching the corpses of the undead and opening the chests provides you with ammo. Doing deeds for people gets you ammo too.

I found even with all the zombies on the screen, it didn’t scare me at all. I can play this game without having nightmares. Woo Hoo!


Live RDR Scenes October 25, 2010

Last month I took a trip to Alaska. Yeah, I know I haven’t posted any pics yet. I am very far behind on posting. Summer is just really busy and then at night I don’t feel like typing.

Anyway, while viewing the pictures I took, some of them reminded me of scenes in RDR. What do you think? 

This lake scene reminded me of Lake Don Julio.

Tunnel similiar to the one in Hennigan's Stead

A bridge very similiar to the bridges in the game


Could be going through Tall Trees

Yes, this is a real outhouse. You see these at homesteads in the game.

The picture of the outhouse was taken at one of my friends house. She lives in a valley surrounded by mountains on 350 acres of land. The original house was torn down and a new one built, but the outhouse stayed. The hole is filled in so it’s just the structure of the outhouse. It’s a 2 seater.

Two seater outhouse