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Bane: Undefeated March 9, 2010

After finishing Batman: Arkham Asylum on Normal, I thought I’d go for the 100% and finish it on Hard. Well, that is going to be impossible for me. I cannot get past the fight with Bane. After jumping on his back twice to rip off the hoses, I die. The henchmen kill me every single time. Oh well. If I owned the game maybe in time I could finish it, but since it’s borrowed from the library, I don’t have the time.

I did complete some of the Challenge’s and got all the trophies I can get. Perhaps in the future I’ll purchase the game and give it another go at grabbing the 100%.


3 Responses to “Bane: Undefeated”

  1. It’s so frustrating when you can’t get past a certain point no matter how many times you try to do it… Hmm, maybe owning it would make a difference but at least you did some of the challenges!

  2. Enric Darkstone Says:

    I don’t know if you have enough time to give this a shot, but a quick google gave me this:

    “Keep a distance from Bane and fight the thugs. when you see Bane get ready to charge, point the analog stick in his direction and do a quick batarang throw and then dodge left or right. (point stick either left or right and double tap X (or A on 360.). The Batarang will hit Bane in the face, will run into the wall and stumble arround a bit. after that you can wail on him for a couple seconds before he comes around. Rinse, Repeat. Just keep your distance from Bane and keep an eye out for when he charges.”

    Hope that helps you out in time. (Library rentals FTW. Had no idea they even had games as an option to borrow until my girlfriend told me about them. Only negative thing about it are the wait times after putting a game on hold. Took three months to borrow a game once, but it was definately worth the wait.) The one thing to remember whenever you get stuck, is that there is always a trick to doing something in a game. Once you find out what that trick is, half of the fight is over.

    Had a similar issue yesterday on Infamous. Beat it on normal as a Hero and went back to beat it as Infamous. I loaded up an early save to start going ‘evil’ from the get-go, but the game said I went through an area so quickly that it automatically set the difficulty to Hard mode, which was the first time I ever saw that happen in a game. At one point early on you start seeing things and like 25 guys spawn. If you can make it through the tunnel in time they disappear, so I ran through on Normal with more than like 80% health remaining. On Hard mode I got annihilated in the middle of the pack, or just after them by actual ‘real’ remaining enemies. The fourth attempt through I was about to tell my cousin that it’s impossible because you can’t even kill those particular enemies because they don’t exist, and I shot at one to prove it, but as soon as I did it disappeared. I then stopped, ‘killed’ the rest off, ran forward till more arrived and repeated that till the end of that sequence without even the slightest problem.

    Luckily for me my cousin was fully engrossed with WoW at the time and a minute later when he asked what I said I told him it was nothing. I’ll let him figure it out when those guys show up again.

    • diversewoman Says:

      True about borrowing games from the library. Sometimes the wait is a long one. I just bought inFamous and playing on Normal. I’m going the Hero route first. Glad you mentioned the 25 guys spawning and killing them off. Now I’ll know what to do when I get there. 🙂

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