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Bane: Defeated March 25, 2010

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I did it! Two weeks ago I turned on the PS3, put the Batman disc in, and was determined to defeat Bane. It took less than 30 minutes. Maybe it was because I started fresh, instead of already having played nearly 2 hours. But I did it. Now I’m stuck again. Right after taking out the pumps in the small space where the Titan bursts out of the big door. Then the henchmen keep coming. I’ve heard from several people that they think this is the hardest part in play mode Hard in the game. Unfortunately, the game was due back at the library so that’s as far as I’ve gotten.

I really like this game, so I may just buy it and add it to my ‘never get rid of’ collection. Though I don’t remember ever getting rid of any game that I’ve bought because I only buy games that I can play over and over again, even a year or more later.

Anyway, whether I buy the game or borrow it again from the library, I’m hoping that I’ll eventually beat this area.


Bane: Undefeated March 9, 2010

After finishing Batman: Arkham Asylum on Normal, I thought I’d go for the 100% and finish it on Hard. Well, that is going to be impossible for me. I cannot get past the fight with Bane. After jumping on his back twice to rip off the hoses, I die. The henchmen kill me every single time. Oh well. If I owned the game maybe in time I could finish it, but since it’s borrowed from the library, I don’t have the time.

I did complete some of the Challenge’s and got all the trophies I can get. Perhaps in the future I’ll purchase the game and give it another go at grabbing the 100%.


Completed Batman March 6, 2010

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I finished the game yesterday. It took me a few do overs in the Joker battles, but eventually I did it. Now I’m going back through to get all the Riddler’s Challenges that I missed or couldn’t get because I didn’t have the gadgets available to get them.

Now the question is, do I replay the game on Hard to get 100%? Probably.


Metal Gear Solid Series March 3, 2010

I’m just putting out the games I have for now. I’ll write more about them later. But I will say, this is one of my all time favorites. I have every single one for the Playstation, starting with Metal Gear Solid for PS1.


Batman: Arkham Asylum March 2, 2010

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I started playing this game today and I have to say, I really like it. I played the demo a few weeks ago and wasn’t very impressed with it. Not really my kind of game. But after the first few minutes into the game, I got into it. The graphics are fantastic and I like the story. I love puzzles and finding hidden items because I like to explore everything. And getting to some of the Riddler trophies are challenging. The only thing I’m not into is the combo punching and stuff. I was never a fan of fighting games and knowing which buttons to press when, well, I was never good at it. So most of the fights I have with the baddies I win by just pressing the square button and the triangle button. At least for now anyway. Oh, I have used the cape stun (circle button).

The one complaint I have right now is that I can’t save the game. It automatically saves at checkpoints, so anything I do before I get to a checkpoint is lost. When I’m ready to quit playing, I don’t want to wait until I get to a checkpoint.

I’ve only picked up two gadgets so far. The explosive gel and the batclaw. Too bad Batman isn’t equipped with these at the beginning so I wouldn’t have to go back for some of the Riddler’s Challenges (trophies, interview tapes, etc.) I fought Bane, which took about 8 tries before I finally defeated him. I kept getting run down by him when he was running toward me in slow motion. Oh and maybe a couple times the goons took me down.

So I’ll be playing again tomorrow. I think my next big enemy is Croc. We’ll see how that goes.