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Raven February 15, 2010

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I play in the Raven faction right now, mostly because the BPC voted on that faction. I took the quiz at and according to the results, I should be in the  S.V.E.R faction.

Now that I’ve had a couple weeks to play the game, I have to say, I really do enjoy it, but only if I’m playing with my clan. It’s more fun when you “know” the people you’re playing with. They support you even if you screw up. They help you out if you have questions. They don’t care what your K/D ratio is. Everyone is there just to have fun and if we win, great, if not, another time.

I find that when I’m playing during the afternoon, no one really communicates. I would say it’s because several nationalities are playing…French, German, Asian, Spanish speaking, and a couple others I’m not familiar with. Unfortunately, sometimes there is a jerk (American) who starts yelling and cussing because no one is doing what he wants them to. Not everyone speaks English. I wish people would keep that in mind before they curse and yell. It only gives American gamers a bad rep.


2 Responses to “Raven”

  1. diversewoman Says:

    Funny that you said I should have gone with SVER. When I took the recruitment quiz on jointheshadowwar web site, the results said I’m perfect for SVER. But like I said, my gaming club chose Raven. Some of the guys had been playing since the Beta came out and played each faction. They liked Raven best.
    I know what you mean about teamwork. Fortunately, we do work well as a team and have won many missions, even in Domination attacking SVER which always seemed to be impossible.
    I have thought about creating a new PSN account and play as Valor or SVER, just to see what it’s like. We’ll see.
    Thanks for your comment!!

  2. Enric Darkstone Says:

    Based on what I saw in the ‘Open Beta’ of MAG, you should have gone SVER. I *really* wanted to play Raven, while my cousin liked Valor. He coasted through games without any real problems. I could not get a win as Raven to save a life. I don’t know what attracted them to Raven, (which in turn made me afraid as I was originally drawn to Raven as well) but dang if every ‘special’ player wasn’t on the team. *Every* single attack map the clock would run down to zero without even capping A and/or B, so forget about getting to C.

    I’m not even being quick to judge, this behavior went on for the full two days I attempted to play Raven. I clocked in a solid 30~ hours trying to make it work on Raven, and I think we won two matches total in that time? It was hell. Towards the end of my Raven ‘career’ I ended up having more fun shooting my own teammates that were constantly camping our own main base on an attack map. I’d gladly take the negative xp than the insta-gank from being one of the few who actually attempted to take the objectives.

    Swapped to SVER shortly after and was a-m-a-z-e-d by the sheer amount of teamwork-minded players they had. Not only just one player with a heal gun, but whole groups of people with improved *revive* guns. People were pressing forward, taking cover, healing one other as others reloaded…it was beautiful. Of course the Beta ended that night so I didn’t have long to enjoy the shooting serenity…but damn! “Strike hard and fast like only a Raven can” my ass!

    And my apologies on losing that 100% achievement. The only two games I’ve tried to get 100% on were Flower and Bioshock. (Nice combo there, eh?) I’d be totally bummed out as well if after all that hard work it got taken away from something as dumb as DLC and multiplayer achievements.

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