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Females in MAG February 15, 2010

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I often wonder how many women actually play this game. There are at least 5 of us in the BPC who play it.

Two weeks ago I was playing in the afternoon with random players. When I’m playing alone I usually stick to Suppression or Sabotage. And I rarely use my mic when playing with random players. And I’m sure I don’t have to tell you why. But I will anyway. harassment. Some guys just can’t help making a fool of themselves. “Hey, will you be my girlfriend?”   “Are you hot”?  Or they will run around trying to violate your character.

Anyway, I was playing a round of Sabotage and I was helping 3 or 4 guys defend objective A. One guy went down and I said “don’t bleed out, I’m a medic”. Another guy said “Wow, you are the first woman I’ve heard in this game.” I told him about the BPC and that a few of us play. He really didn’t say anything after that, but a few guys learned to call for me when they were down. And we won.

Last week me and a fellow BPC’er were playing in the afternoon. When the mission started, we were talking about strategy and a female voice chimed in. I couldn’t believe it! She was skilled in the game and knew it well. We all communicated well together, we healed each other, but with only 5 people in our squad, we lost. But we gave Valor a run for their money.

I hope to run into other females in game. And I have probably played with other females, but they weren’t using their mic. Understandably. I think it would be cool to have an all female squad. I can always hope.


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