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MAG January 25, 2010

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Midnight tonight. There will be a frenzy at Wal-Mart of people buying this game. I pre-ordered it back in November from, so I won’t have it for a few days. Some members of the gaming group I belong to are taking the day off tomorrow to play it…all day and night long. It’s going to be the favorite game of this quarter among the group.

I think I’ll be the only one that won’t have it until next week, which means everyone will already out rank me and have more experience than I will. But I’m sure I’ll catch up. No, I won’t play every night, but maybe twice a week. Maybe more if anyone plays during the day.

MAG (Massive Action Game) is a First Person Shooter (FPS). I normally don’t like FPS, but I played the beta and it was exciting and frustrating. I had no idea what the heck the objective was and what I was supposed to be doing other than killing the enemies. Thank goodness I was playing with my gaming group instead of strangers. Ladies, I’ll say this now. If you like to play online games and you don’t belong to a group that plays together, then send me a message. I’ll tell you about the group I belong to. They are a fantastic, mature bunch of guys and gals.

I guess I’ll post again once I’ve had a chance to play.


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